Marketing en Communicatie Stage in Nieuw Zeeland

Dit is één van de stagevacatures in Marketing en Sales waarvoor jij je kan inschrijven. Ons bestand met vacatures voor stages in Marketing en Sales beperkt zich niet tot deze ene vacature. Zoek jij iets anders? Neem dan contact met ons op, en dan gaan wij samen op zoek naar jouw ideale stageplaats! Deze vacature is geschreven door het stagebedrijf zelf, en daarom in het Engels.

Company Descriptionstagereizen-vacature-hospitality

Internship code: NZ 1703
Location: Auckland | New Zealand
Number of Employees: (45)
Industry: Education
Position: Marketing and Communication
Duration: 5 months

Company Profile

Our company is a global community with both staff (45) and students coming from many different countries. One of our aims is to give students a wide range of skills that are useful in the international marketplace of today. This mix of cultures and ages at the Institute gives students opportunities to learn, not only from books and lecturers, but also from their classmates.

Our primary focus is our students. We strive to deliver the best quality teaching, service and facilities. We always aim to provide all students with a level of learning which matches their needs and aspirations.

Tailored Options for International Students

The students can choose from our range of English, Business and Computing qualifications. Our company is a signatory to the Code of Practice for the pastoral care of international students.

Intern Duties

At the moment our company is recruiting a lot of international students. However the school wants to expand their marketing more with a focus on Europe. For this they are looking for somebody who can help with the international promotion of their school. What are the most interesting agents to work with? How do we contact them?  An international marketing and communication research needs to be done and a marketing strategy needs to be developed. The intern needs to identify and update the existing and potential clients in the European and South American market, map them and update our the existing client database by market research. Furthermore he/she can aid our marketing team in getting the word out our company is alive and kicking.

Besides this research you will help by organizing events and activities for students and staff. We also would like to promote our service more on the internet, How do we promote this? Additionally, we are expecting the Intern to actively work with and be a part of our great team in our company's daily running, being research and contact with students.

What's next?

Neem contact met ons op of schrijf je gelijk in. Aan de hand van jouw input gaan wij aan de slag en dan misschien wel tot snel in Nieuw Zeeland!

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